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Training Courses 2021 and 2022

by Reena Kumarsingham (BA Psych MBA Dip RTh Cert Hyp Cert LBL NLP)

Reena is a certified trainer for the Past life Regression Academy (PLRA) , founded by Andy Tomlinson. She conducts Between Lives Spiritual Regression trainings on behalf of the PLRA UK and US .

Now Scheduled


30 August - 3 September

Between Lives Spiritual Regression Training
online to Asia Timezone


11 - 14 November

Between Lives Spiritual Regression Training
Online to UK timezone


05 - 11 June

Advanced Vibrational Techniques for the New Plane
Glastonbury, UK


02 October - 08 September

Advanced Vibrational Techniques for the New Plane
Mt. Shasta, California, US


Between Lives Spiritual Regression

This explores a client's soul memories in the spirit realms from the last past life to the current life using hypnosis. The client returns to wakeful consciousness with a deeper understanding and commitment to live out their current life purpose. It lasts for 4 hours and is based on the research of Dr Michael Newton. Some of the soul memories include the past life death point, leaving the physical body and being welcomed by Spirits of Light such as Spirit Guides and Teachers. Many clients discover a spiritual family of souls they reincarnate with to do meaningful work over many life times that are called soul groups.

A highlight of the regression is meeting the 'Elders'. These are Spirits of Light that have attained a level of experience and wisdom that not does require them to physically reincarnate. They review the progress of the soul before them and can replay any of its past lives and discus aspects until the soul understands what will be expected in the next life. Done with love, compassion and the participation of the soul it leads to the next physical incarnation having a purpose. Goals are set based on the patterns from previous karmic experiences and new lessons are agreed between the soul, its Spirit Guide and the Elders. The session finishes with the soul memories of reincarnating into this life and joining the baby's physical body still in the womb. The Spirits of Light that direct the Earth's destiny appear to be permitting us to have more information and understanding of our spiritual life.

The Between Lives training will use practical lecture, video, live demonstration and supervised pair work. Student evaluation during the training will be informal through observation and personal instruction during the practical sessions. Working in pairs each student will have the chance to guide a spiritual regression as well as experience their own. The entry requirement is a qualification in Hypnosis and a qualification in Past Life Regression and at least one year experience using them.

Training Outline
The between lives training program will be 4 days;

  • The client preparation and interview
  • Hypnotic deepening techniques for a Life Between Lives regression
  • The crossover from a past life to enter the soul memories between lives
  • Experiencing rejuvenation energy to heal profound past lives
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides and Teachers
  • Meeting soul groups
  • Links between soul groups and people in this life
  • The place of physical body selection for this life
  • Reincarnation into this life and the experiences of entering the unborn baby
  • Overcoming blockages
  • Seeking advise for the clients from the Elders
  • Integration of the experience into the client's present life

  • Certification Qualification

    • A Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis or another hypnosis qualification (minimum of 32 hours of tutor contact)
    • Past Life Therapy and Regression Therapy training and qualification
    • Successfully complete the Life Between Lives training workshop
    • Complete written and reading assignments
    • A written summary of five client sessions
    • A CD recording of one client session for skill assessment

    More information on international between lives regression training


    Testimonials For Reena as a Trainer of the PLRA

    It was with some trepidation I signed up for the Past Life Regression training in Melbourne , Australia. Within the first hour of meeting the principal trainer, Reena, at my first workshop I felt at ease and knew we were in safe hands. Reena's energy exudes a confidence, safety and authority that never seems to waiver. My journey to date under her guidance has been nothing short of awesome and exhilarating. Under Reena's direction I have experienced PLR as practitioner, client and student. Her dynamic, yet humble, approach to our learning while in a group setting has allowed me to develop not only as a PLR practitioner but also as an individual.   
    ~NO Brisbane

    Reena was my teacher through the Past Life Regression Academy for Foundations in Hypnosis, RT, and BLSR certifications. I worked with her closely for two years. Not only is she a brilliant teacher of the theories and techniques, she is an intuitive healer — one whom any student of spiritual healing can aspire to emulate. Choosing to train through the Academy is a two-fold commitment to challenging oneself through focused, detailed studies as well as personal healing and growth. The best teachers are those who can guide you through both. For me, and for so many others, Reena is that teacher.
    ~MF Washington US

    I have never experienced a trainer that is so competent and confident in her work. Her depth, in how she responds to situations and caring for the individual are outstanding. Reena has a real gift to unpick the learning environment, gives it deep thought and adjusts the lessons accordingly to the individual group and person. Her hands on approach makes learning fun and very understandable. Theory is tailored to the group’s needs. I am truly impressed with Reena as a trainer.    
    ~NB Tasmania

    I had Reena as an instructor for the Regression Therapy (RT) and Between Lives Spiritual Regression training programs. I also observed her teaching another complete four module cycle of RT training. Reena is extremely knowledgeable and able to communicate this knowledge to her classes. She has extensive case experience and brings actual case examples to the training to illustrate specific points. Her demonstrations of the techniques used in the RT classes including the various bridges were outstanding. I listen to the recordings of these training sessions with Reena periodically to keep my skills sharp. Reena is intelligent, funny and a pleasure to be with in class. I would whole heartedly recommend Reena as a trainer.    
    ~GFW Washington US

    Reena has had a major role in my learning both for my Diploma in Past Life regression Therapy and also during my training on my Certificate in Between Lives Spiritual Regression with the Past Life Regression Academy. Reena has been very proficient in her teaching in the classroom environment, her presentations have been clear and she has demonstrated her depth of knowledge within her teaching and when being questioned on her subject. Reena has also overseen and supervised my practice and she has always been very encouraging and supportive and her feedback on sessions very helpful and informative. I have also found Reena to be similarly encouraging, supportive and very helpful in her feedback when acting as my supervisor on my case studies. Reena demonstrates her empathy and compassion in all that she says and does and most importantly her vast knowledge and experience. Reena often punctuates her teaching sessions with anecdotes which generally add a wonderful touch of humour to her lessons. Reena’s nurturing style also includes baking her wonderful cakes for the class on occasions. I have found being in the learning environment with Reena as my tutor extremely pleasurable and her sessions always something to look forward to.
    ~SL Monmouthshire UK

    It was such a delight to be attending Reena's trainings, as she not only a top professional trainer but also bright and funny and has the natural ability to bring the information in many different ways and methods so all understands perfectly well whether you are a visual or kinesthetic or auditory individual.
    ~ADH East Sussex UK


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