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Miracles can be a daily occurance in our lives, we must first be open to them and observant.  If we do not believe they can happen we do not look for them, and therefore, do not see them.

~Susan Thomas Underwood (Walk with Spirit)

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Thank you Reena for how you have helped me. Since my session, I have definitely felt a change in the way I feel about myself. Although it is subtle I know that I feel different. I am less self conscious and am definitely kinder to myself and more assertive. Without your treatment I don’t think I would be as strong to deal with a difficulty I am now facing. I seem to have so much more inner strength at the moment. I am forever grateful to you.
~SP, Australia


I saw Reena to help with my confidence issues. I am a shy and reserved person by nature, and meeting new people or just a simple phone call can be scary and difficult for me or get me feeling all anxious. I work in the entertainment industry and I meet new clients and prominent people in the industry every day which, presented me with many problems because of my shyness.

After our first session, I felt better about myself and was able to speak on the phone or meeting people for the first time with more ease. Reena is such a natural at making people feel relaxed and ’safe’ and I am truly grateful to her for all the help she’s given me.
AH, Singapore


My sessions at Divine Aspect provided me with the stepping stone to wellness of mind, body & spirit. It is, to put it simply, common sense healing. The sessions were immensely therapeutic and cathartic, always comfortable and comforting, and this allowed me to naturally embrace the entire process. I was thrilled to see positive changes in myself within a week! I continue to enjoy my journey into self-discovery, self-love and self-acceptance, and I am most grateful to Reena for paving the way for me. (Divine Aspect truly does live up to its name.)
IP, Singapore


Reena was very adept at getting to the core of the issues I needed to address – some of which were blind spots for me, and after the session things began to change almost immediately. My confidence improved and I was able to move forward with my work with an increased sense of self belief. Thank you Reena – you have a wonderful gift. ~JG, Singapore


Reena is a wondrous combination of a wise teacher and a deeply compassionate therapist. She guides and supports her students in learning complex theory while helping them grow into their own depth. She is a joy to work with. ~SH, Canada


I went to see Reena for a Regression Therapy session not knowing quite what to expect. Reena quickly put me at ease and before I knew it I was ‘under’ and into my first experience. I have to say the session was extremely healing and it was fascinating to see that my own body knew what it needed to do to release the memories of the past. What made the session especially profound however is Reena’s gift of intuition which enabled her to lead the session into places where I was able to receive guidance from the highest of levels. This combined with her ability to connect and bring through beautiful messages from her own guides made this session an incredible and unforgettable experience for me. I can’t wait to do another session. Thank you Reena. ~JG, Australia


I've connected with Reena several times for energy healing. Each healing has been a revelation. She has an amazing gift for getting reight to the heart of the situation and manages to find a way to clear the negative energy and allow healing to take place. It's always incredible to wake up to a written report on what Reena's found and these always resonate to a point where I know she's spot on in what she's found. Reena has a gift that I'm in total awe of and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. ~GS, UK


Reena is one of the most amazing therapists and spiritual guides I have ever come across on my journey. She supported me in dealing with some of my worst nightmares and also guided me to transform my life in ways that I didn't believe would be possible for me. She is incredibly intuitive, efficient and dedicated to helping you achieve your personal goals. She is both strong and delicate and very well-rounded, which makes you feel that she has a tool for every need that you may have during your process. She remains my go to person in the moments when I did a bit of extra help to overcome an issue. ~IC, US

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