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While he was walking, it occurred to him that modern existence itself might be a constant near-death experience. A flower truck turned the corner and a load of daffodils spilled from the back and buried him. He lay bewildered for a moment under the glowing yellow heap, and then poked his head out into the sunshine. He saw his reflection in a shop window. He smelled the daffodils. How lovely! he thought. It was a near LIFE experience, and already a transformation was in progress.

~Michael Leunig (Wild Figments)

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Transforming the Eternal Soul
Edited by Andy Tomlinson.

Reena has written two chapters for Transforming the Eternal Soul.

This past life and regression therapy book covers advanced techniques that can be integrated into regression therapy and other therapies. It also contains case studies of how ordinary people’s lives have been transformed during current life, past life regression and energy transfiguration. Contributions have been made by regression therapists who are members of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association, including those who have backgrounds as medical doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and therapists in other disciplines.


The Spiritual Regression Show with Reena Kumarasingham:
on The Moore Show Official Platform

Spiritual Regression Show

The Spiritual Regression Show with Reena Kumarasingham contains series of programs about regression therapy, the healing aspects of the therapy, the use of the therapy within the medical fraternity, integrating other forms of modalities with regression therapy, and the journey of the soul. I sit and talk with industry experts, skeptics, graduates and trainers of the Past Life Regression Academy to gather as much information and knowledge as possible and present a balanced view to help you, the viewer, make up your own minds about regression therapy.

Show 1 - How Past Live Heals
Andy Tomlinson and how regression therapy is a marriage of psychotherapeutic concepts as well as spirituality.

Show 2 - Life Between Lives
How deep insights gained in this type of regression can provide deep insight into lives

Show 3 - Spirit Releasement
Psychiatrist Dr. Alan Sanderson is the first medical professional doing this work in the UK

Show 4 - Spiritual Emergency - The New Frontier
Catherine Lucas and Janet Treloar talk about Spiritual Emergency, the causes and effect on people suffering from the condition

Show 5 - Moving Through Spiritual Emergency
Catherine Lucas and Janet Treloar talk about how to help move someone through Spiritual Emergency - tips, techniques and practical application

Show 6 - Regression Therapy in the Medical World
Dr Peter Mack talks about the challenges working with past lives within the medical world. Also, introducing the Society of Medical Advancement and Research in Regression Therapy

Show 7 - Child Regression Therapy
Christine Alisa has been working with children and adolescents using Regression Therapy to overcome symptoms of ADHD, ADD and learning disabilities

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