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Shrouded Truth

Shrouded Truth to be released "March 2018".
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Reena's New Book, Shrouded Truth, released March 2018 Go>

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Advanced Vibrational Techniques for the New Plane US Retreat

PLRA Between Lives Spiritual Regression Certification in UK

PLRA Between Lives Spiritual Regression Certification in USA

Advanced Vibrational Techniques for the New Plane Europe Retreat

Living in the New Vibration

Reena Kumarasingham
(BA Psych MBA Dip RTh Cert LBL Cert Hyp NLP)

We are living in such exciting times. It is a time of change and it gives us an opportunity to grow and move forward to embrace the best version of ourselves.  It is also an opportunity to discover, embrace and embody that divine spark within all of us.

As we move towards the New, we are sometimes confronted with the discomfort, fears and challenges of navigating the tumultuous waters of change.

Divine Aspect is here to provide you with support and tools to help cruise through the seas of change all the way to the golden shores of living in the high energy vibration of the the New Consciousness.

With books, weekly and daily blog posts, training programs and private sessions, my aim is to ensure that I provide the best service to help you move from the Old to the New with maximum comfort and ease. It's all about empowering you to successfully navigate your way towards overcoming personal challenges, and bringing out to the open the inner God and Goddess within - embracing your Divine Aspect.

I invite you to browse my web site and to learn more about how I can help you, as well as the range of books and meditation CDs, to help propel you to herald the New Vibration.

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Meditation CD Downloads

The shift into the new consciousness is forcing us to step into our power and embrace our true selves. The Divine Essence Blends™ Meditations prepare us to really look at ourselves, embrace our true power, create our reality and the changes that are coming our... Read more about»

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