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When I love myself enough, I quit wishing my life looked some other way and began to see that as it is, my life serves my evolution.
~Kim McMillen (When I Loved Myself Enough)

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Advanced Vibrational Healing

We are all on an adventure called LIFE. Sometimes the adventure brings to us bounty beyond our wildest expectations, and sometimes it brings us challenges and lessons we need to learn and overcome. Regardless of what LIFE brings to us, we keep jouney’ing on – exploring, discovering, living.

Advanced Vibrational Energy healing is a gentle and powerful therapy that will help mould your behaviour, emotional content, and attitudes, for a positive life change. It reaches deep within your consciousness and targets the layers of your core issues with precision and efficiency. It also mitigates and minimises a wide range of challenges and helps enhance personal development, for us to embrace our Divine Selves and move consciously to living in the New Vibration.

Divine Aspect creates an environment by which you can access your inner resources in your own, unique way. We are all unique individuals and no two are created alike. These sessions are programmed specifically for you. Divine Aspect tailor makes programmes to help with a wide range of challenges and conditions that prevent you from embracing your authentic selves.

About Advanced Vibrational Healing

During the recent years, the Earth has been going though an intense shift in vibration, from the third dimension to a higher dimension. This has resulted in a thinning of the veil to planes at a higher vibration. In order to continue existing in these new vibrations, everything on the planet needs to vibrate at the same frequency to maintain harmony with the new frequencies. We, as humans, need to shift our own vibrations in order to be in resonance with these higher energies in these new planes.

This shift has also enabled us to access stronger more potent energies. Having access to these new energies gives us a new tool to do things differently, in accordance to the new vibrational plane that we find ourselves in. Advanced Vibrational Healing uses these new high frequency energies as an effective, deeper and precise healing modality that helps clients overcome emotional, mental and sometimes even physical challenges. Please note that these sessions should not be substituted for medical advice and consultations, but complement them.

Much of this work is done via distance healing, whilst clients are in a safe environment that they feel comfortable in. It is best if the client is asleep or in a relaxed state, laying down. Clients who are awake at the time of the session experience the energies differently - some see colours, some feel it, and some just fall asleep as the work is conducted. This is all part of how the client assimilates and intergrates the energy. It is very gentle but deep work and will affect the clients in different ways, but will get to the root of the problem.

The end result for these sessions is for everyone to not only overcome their personal challenges, but also shed all the layers preventing them from embracing their Divine Resonance. When we embrace and embody our divine selves, we will be in true resonance with the higher energies in the New Consciousness, and we can BE in the New Resonance with ease, living a life of joy and love.

How does Advanced Vibrational Healing Work?

Advanced Vibrational Healing is a gentle yet powerful healing process that works best whilst you are either relaxing or sleeping. The work is done by distance healing with you being in the comfort of your own home.

The Process :


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