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Call upon you depth to rise unto your height that you may summit the mountains of your remaining days as stepping stones to the zenith in your soul.  What passionate strength will lift your head with dignity in the midst of your suffering?  What inspired vision will make you fearless in your world and lead you into the glory of your enlightened heart?
~Hajjar Gibran (The Return of the Prophet)

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Radiant Light Series

Radiant Light Series originally came about as an exploration of the past life of one person into one past life. This exploration of one person's past life exploded into the fascinating journey of multiple people's past lives to one of the most recognizable periods in history - the Biblical time - to one of the most popular stories known to us.

Radiant Light Series is more than the study into a religion or into the life of an enigmatic, inspiring person. It is a revelation of the deep spiritual beliefs that was understood and practised more than 2000 years ago. Radiant Light Series is the discovery of the true relationship between the spirit of man and the spirit of the God. It challenges us to look deeply into our inner core and unveil the biggest shrouded truth of them all - our own glorious divinity.

Take this journey with us, as we follow the peaks and troughs of some of the most heartening lives lived. Let their stories fill your hearts, challenge your minds and enlighten your souls. Let their discoveries be your discoveries, their challenges be your guidance, their lives be an impression. Let them remind you that you too are a Radiant Light Being. As you choose to embody the radiant light within yourself, maybe others will be inspired to embrace their own radiant light. Together, your story, their story and the stories from the Radiant Light Series will weave a rich tapestry of evolution and involution of Consciousness that will strive to take us to greater heights of Divine Light and into a new way of Being in the New Vibration.

Radiant Light Series is comprised of three books

Shrouded Truth - Biblical Revelationa Through Past Life Journeys

Published March 2018

Shrouded Truth

Two thousand years ago, the Biblical time, was a time of great change. Jesus and those closest to him were inspiring in their ability to tap into their inner radiant light to navigate a challenging period of chaos.

Over time, their heroic and heart warming stories have been cloaked in shadows.

Until now.

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Through the past life journeys of eight souls, Shrouded Truth unveils the dramatic adventures and emotional experiences of those closest to Jesus, in a quest to unravel false entanglements whilst pursuing a path of spiritual purity.

Backed by tradition and documentary evidence, discover little known information that will challenge previously held beliefs about the Biblical Era, answer some questions and raise a few new ones.

Explore revelations that inspire the recognition and embodiment of our own radiant light.

"A book in which Biblical history has been re-explored in a fascinating and astounding manner. The author has gone further to improve our understanding of the connection between God and man. A must read." - Dr. Peter Mack, surgeon, author of Healing From Deep Within  

"An intriguing read for anyone interested in religion and open-minded enough to read about past lives, or those who are interested in past lives and are open-minded enough to read about religion's origins." - Daniela I. Norris, author of Recognitions.  

"This book is very inspiring, and it has knowledge that everyone who is curious about the truth and wanting to deepen their experience of Jesus should read. This book is a rare gift of faith; a book that reveals a power and a spiritual reality that is very accessible to us." - Readers Favourite Reviews  

Find out more about Shrouded Truth and order this in past life book about Jesus Christ. It is also sold in Watkins Bookshop, London and Waterstones in the UK. Soul Connection, in Mt. Shasta and Barnes and Nobel in the US.

Image for the cover of Shrouded Truth is painted by a beautiful Artist of Light, Sanja Jovic. For more information on her work, click here

The Magdalene Linerage - Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries

Scheduled Release March 2020

The Magdalene Linerage


For two thousand years, Mary Magdalene has been a veiled silhouette, a shadow of her vibrant self. An enigmatic figure, she was shrouded in mystery, a feminine caricature of either the purest of saints or the most repentant of sinners.

Two thousand years have buried her, her lineage and her legacy.

Through past life regression, backed by academic research and oral tradition, journey with Mary Magdalene from the age of six to sixty. Discover intimate knowledge of her as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a spiritual teacher. Her daughter Tamar, the product, initiate and bearer of her legacy, continues her sacred teachings.

This is their story – the story of the feminine in spirituality

Find out more about The Magdalene Linerage and order this past life divine feminine Mary Magdalene book.

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As we move into a new Vibration of living, it is time now to transcend our physical, mental and emotional vessels to tap into our light and to just be the radiant light beings that we truly are.

Divine I AM offers free weekly blogs and daily affirmations that build on the books of the Radiant Light Series and gives you weekly tips and insights to embrace and embody our Divine Selves to navigate these times of change, and to be the Radiant Beings that we are.

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