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Call upon you depth to rise unto your height that you may summit the mountains of your remaining days as stepping stones to the zenith in your soul.  What passionate strength will lift your head with dignity in the midst of your suffering?  What inspired vision will make you fearless in your world and lead you into the glory of your enlightened heart?
~Hajjar Gibran (The Return of the Prophet)

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Regression Therapy

We are all on an adventure called LIFE.  Sometimes the adventure brings to us bounty beyond our wildest expectations, and sometimes it brings us challenges and lessons we need to learn and overcome.  Regardless of what LIFE brings to us, we keep jouney’ing on – exploring, discovering, living.

Regression therapy takes a holistic view of the mind, body, and spirit having a fundamental interconnectedness. Healing involves reconnection with the root cause of the problem and allowing you to understand deeply the issues associated with the problem before they are resolved at both physical, emotional and a spiritual level.

Sometimes the root cause is a traumatic experience below the level of conscious awareness and has been affecting the your well being. Your experiences may go back to early childhood and prenatal experiences or into stories from the subconscious that may appear to be a past life.

All your experiences are treated in an accepting and authentic way. Various psychotherapies may be used in the regression process such as hypnosis, gestalt psychology, psychodrama, body therapy, together with various transpersonal and energy techniques

Regression therapy quickly and effectively resolves and releases many suppressed and repressed issues that pose a challenge for you. These include:

    • Depression
    • Self Confidence
    • Phobias and Irrational Fears
    • Intrusive or Obsessive Thoughts
    • Guilt and Martyrdom
    • Unexplainable Pains, Tensions, and Numbness
    • Panic Attacks
    • Anger or Rage
    • Relationship Challenges
    • Feeling detached or isolated from other people

Regression therapy also provides you a wealth of information for the greater understanding of their present and current wellbeing, empowering them to make authentic and informed choices.

There is not always the need to undergo a traumatic past life. Sometimes “easy” past lives can be extremely rewarding for the following:

  • Accessing strengths and accomplishments in
    past lives
  • Experiencing a happy lifetime
  • Viewing ones purpose in the present life
  • Finding loved ones in prior lifetimes

About Regression Therapy

Our personality is shaped by the memories of the events we experience during our current life. Early childhood events can have a significant effect. Powerful shaping comes from emotional trauma and memory imprinting.  Freud introduced the idea that a traumatic event that is too large or frightening to be processed and integrated into consciousness is buried in the subconscious. Many of our irrational fears and behaviours can be traced back to an imprinted memory.

The subconscious mind is a store house of memories.  While under hypnosis, subjects may be able to access past events that they have completely forgotten. Regression therapists use hypnotism to bring up and transform these memories so that a related personal problem can finally be resolved. 

Regression therapy works with the content of past experiences and extends the timeline to allow past-life stories to emerge.  You will be guided back and encouraged to relive and resolve the conflicts from the past that have been previously inaccessible to their consciousnesses. Often they are past lives that are still influencing our mental and emotional facilities.  Through healing these memories, it reverberates into healing the current life. 

Working with past lives started around 30 years ago, and has since been adopted into the medical world. The concept was introduced by Dr. Morris Netherton. Other pre-eminent medical practitioners including Dr. Roger Woolger, Professor Mario Simoes, Dr Michael Newton and Dr. Brien Weiss, have pioneered and enhanced this form of therapy over the years. Many mental health practitioners have introduced current and past life regression therapy to help their clients. 

Why would you want to experience or recall a past life?

There are a few reasons you might want to experience or recall a past life. For some people, it is fun and interesting to explore and experience a past life. It could be seen as past life tourism where you can find out what you have been in a former life and what talents you had that were brought forward in this lifetime. It can also be a means of finding loved ones with whom you spent another life.

The other advantage of experiencing a past life is for its level of therapeutic experience. Often conflicts and emotional problems are quickly and effectively resolved, generally in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy. If you have a psychosomatic issue the condition might diminish or disappear altogether by recalling and bringing to completion a past life.

The journey into the spiritual reality can be educational for oneself. You are able to experience the greater reality of your spirit, your past, present and sometimes even your future. You gain deep realization of your purpose in life or the purpose in all of your experienced lives, the meaning of the relationships and the transpersonal aspects of your existence.

And last but not least, the experience can bring an indefinable feeling of being connected to everything and a feeling of Oneness, bringing you closer to your spirituality. It is a profound experience and brings a certain sense of peacefulness into ones life.

Nearly all pioneers, for example Brian Weiss, came to Past life Regression by accident. Most of them were reluctant and did not believe in past lives. Certain, they were very skeptical in the result that their therapy has brought onto their clients, but became convinced as time showed its fruits. It proved that past life regression therapy can produce dramatic improvements in certain people. Some of these people have spent years in conventional therapy with either little or no improvement whatsoever. Most of those clients had not believed in past lives but were nevertheless still influenced by its profound and dramatic improvement.

In a research conducted by Hazel Denning, who studied the results of one thousand subjects of their past life therapy between 1985 and 1992, she measured the impact the past life had right after the therapy and 5 years later. Of the 450 subjects that she was able to track down after the 5 year period, 24% reported that their symptoms had completely gone, 23% had considerable or dramatic improvement and 17% reported noticeable improvement.

Will I be able to experience anything during a Regression Session?

Some people wonder if a regression will really work for them. Most people are experiencing past life recall spontaneously therefore it is quite easy to let go and let the subconscious mind speak out. Often when people think that nothing has happened it is due to the fact that they had too big expectations and brushed a thought or a picture as imagination away. However those pictures that you might see in your mind’s eye are those that will lead you into the past life recall. In rare cases it could be just a sense of knowing that things are that way, without “seeing” the actual life. It may even be that you think that you made everything up, however in my experience, those people thinking that they made things up, still have profound experiences and get results that they would have never dreamed of to come from something that “they imagined”.

For some people during the first regression things might come up quite vaguely and in a mist. You have to take into account that impressions might come in a number of different ways either physical sensations (kinaesthetically), hearing (auditory), sometimes even smelling (olfactory) or visually. But some of them just intuitively have a knowledge that the event happened that way.

If you experience a past life, it is best to go in with an open mind, and allow your inner mind see the things as they come up whether it makes sense or perceived as real and trust whatever comes up at the time.

Those people that have practiced meditation or have practiced different methods entering into a relaxed state might move quickly into a past life regression although there are people that are “naturals” and have no previous experience in relaxation techniques and go very easily into a past life. Still this is just to show, that this can be learned. The more you let yourself go, the more you will be able to recover memories in greater detail.

The only way to experience regression is to give it a try. To be able to find with satisfaction, especially a satisfactory past life, you should have an idea of what you want to find out life. Be it a pleasant experience with an idea in what direction you would want to go in the present life or simply a blockage that you want to work on and remove. In any case there needs to be an intent, without it, you might go around in circles and get lost and not find anything at all.


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