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Just as a butterfly writhes to free itself from the confines of its chrysalis that it may fly free, your journey is a metamorphosis of the soul.
~Hajjar Gibran
(The Return of the Prophet)



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Divine Essence Blends™ is a range of transformational, energetically charged hand blended oils to enhance the development of wellbeing and enjoyment of life in a system of self-responsibility.

Unique psychotherapeutic, energetic and meta physical properties of the Essences use a holistic approach to bring about positive changes to ones emotional and mental state.

Divine Essence Blend ImageEach blend contains 100% therapeutic grade essential oils from all over the world, which are then hand blended with natural organic jojoba oil. Each oil is chosen for its rarity, high quality agents. The Essences are then charged to maximize their unique transformational and healing properties. Energetic and biochemical healing properties from the Essences will enter your system and allow for new positive mental states and emotions to emerge, enhancing your transform, like the metaphorical Butterfly from a cocoon.

Divine Essence Blends heal on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Different blends help work on different challenges, and will help your journey towards embracing your authentic self— your Divine Aspect.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatic plants have been used by humankind since the dawn of history. There is evidence that Ancient Sumerians over 4000 years ago made use of scented herbs. In the modern world, aromatherapy can be defined as the controlled use of essential oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing  Essential oils are volatile substances that occur naturally in a variety of plants growing around the world, and are extracted. Essential oils are highly aromatic, and the scent makes a vital contribution to its natural healing properties. 

Selection of Oils

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How the Oils Work

Smell is the most primitive of our senses. Unlike other senses, smell passes directly into the limbic system, the brain’s emotional centre. This fast route to the emotional headquarters elicits strong emotional memories. According to J.S Jellinek, in his book ‘Psychodynamic odor effects and their mechanisms’, odours are experienced within the context of life situations. If the experience of an odour occurs in a situation that is highly emotionally charged, the emotions experienced are stored in the memory along with the odour experience. When the odour is experienced at a later time, its memory trace, including the emotional effect is retrieved. Essential oils, via the olfactory nerves, affect the limbic system, one of the most primitive regions of consciousness.  Although they are tools of gentle therapy, essential oils have the power to reach deep into the psyche. 

Essential oils are also absorbed into the blood stream when they are inhaled or applied topically. These essential oils may have an effect on the mental states via the central nervous system or endocrine system. It has also been suggested that essential oils have a direct pharmacological effect, meaning that there is a direct biochemical interaction between the bodily organs and physiology with the molecular effect of the oils.

Whilst the chemistry of the essential oils can help us understand the pharmacology of essential oils, olfaction can help us understand the psychological benefits of essential oils and an understanding of the concepts of vibrational medicine can help us understand how essential oils work at a subtle level.

How to Use the Oils

Essential oils can be applied for their subtle effects in almost any way you like. The mode of application does not need to be tied to any conventional method of application. What matters is the INTENT each time the oil is used for its subtle purposes. Begin with a clear idea of what the aim of the achievement is, and how the oil is to help.

Some of the common methods of application include through:

  1. Massage – adding the oils directly onto the skin
  2. Adding the oils to ointments and creams
  3. Steam inhalation
  4. Bath
  5. Vaporisation through a burner or electric nebulizer
  6. Running the oil through the auric field
  7. Placing few drops strategically in places of need – eg: wallet for abundance, pulse points for energy, chakra points for etheric and emotional healing.

Please note that The Divine Essence Blends' oils are for External Use only It is NOT for Internal consumption.

Price of 10 ml essential oil bottle:
GBP 10 per bottle
Price of 60 ml spraying mist: 
GBP 10 per bottle
Price of 100 ml spraying mist: 
GBP 20 per bottle

(Prices do not include shipping and handling)

If you are interested in being a distributor, or for more information or enquiries on Divine Essence Blends, please contact: reena@divineaspect.com.

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